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Defeating the Salvation Army

The face of salvation (Photo)
The Salvation Army was originally created to promote a ban of the “Three As”: alcohol, atheism, and anarchy.

This essay was originally published at A Political Paradox. It has been reformatted and reposted here with explicit permission from the author.

Stop supporting the Salvation Army.

Much like an actual army, this one has a long history of wreaking havoc on the innocent. Fortunately, if we stop paying them, they stop existing - so let's do that.

The Salvation Army is homophobic.

  • They have campaigned against homosexuality becoming legalized in various countries.
  • They believe that being gay is a “social disease” that only God's love can cure.
  • They repeatedly spread the myth that gay people are promiscuous, diseased, and corrupt.

The Salvation Army is racist.

  • They removed Aboriginal children from their families and gave them to white families.
  • They call traditional African religion “witchcraft” and tried to remove it from South Africa's constitution.

The Salvation Army is a religious cult.

  • Members are can only marry within the organization, and they have to leave if they marry “civilians”, which is what they call those who aren't members.
  • Members have to get permission to go on dates.
  • They use funds raised for charity for evangelical work.
  • The founder claimed that it was not “whether a man died in the poorhouse but if his soul was saved”.
  • They aim to control lives so much that they even condemn computer and arcade games.

The Salvation Army are criminals.

  • They steal money from the sale of donated clothing.
  • They sell donated clothing to Third World countries.
  • They burned down a building to hide illegal activity (but got caught and charged).
  • They were forced to pay back $9 million for fraud, because they falsely classified job seekers as disadvantaged to receive more government money.

The Salvation Army supports the War on Drugs.

  • They claim that marijuana is just as harmful for people as hard drugs.
  • They support tougher drug enforcement policies, which even the police admit don't work.

The Salvation Army exploits poor and disabled people.

  • They employ disabled people for only $20/week.
  • They make homeless and/or alcoholic members work for meager wages while paying to live in their shelters.
  • They don't allow women to live in these shelters.
  • They argue that the symptoms of poverty (alcohol abuse, prostitution, etc.) are its cause.

Charity can be a wonderful thing. The Salvation Army isn't.

You can find a list of more reputable charities here.

Hayley Burroughs
4 May 2017

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2017-05-23 16:32:09

Someone had to say it. Good on you for saying it well. :)