Stories of Unknown Lives

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Donny Callahan

Donny Callahan! (Photo) I am a truth-seeker, a nature-lover, and a slightly obsessive fan of technological achievements. I believe that nothing in life is more monumental than the present moment, and I live in full awareness that every instant is a miracle.

I’m also deeply passionate about critical thinking. I’m a keen observer of economic movement who works hard to maintain an extraordinary degree of situational awareness. Information technology has been a mainstay of my life since 1991, which enables me to see things that most people miss.

Ultimately, I desire true liberation from state power. As long as I breathe, I’d prefer to resist a corrupt system than sit back and acquiesce to fascism.

Aiso Ippudu Milele is a good friend of mine, so I agreed quickly when I was presented with an opportunity to contribute content to this project. I’m tremendously grateful to have access to a cool platform for sharing my ideas! I’m pretty sure that SoUL will eventually take on a life of its own.

By the way, traveler, I’m writing a book!

In the coming weeks, I intend to reveal pieces of my book in the form of essays and excerpts about a wide variety of profoundly important topics.

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