Stories of Unknown Lives

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Aiso Ippudu Milele

Aiso! (Photo) My birthname is Lucas Jarrett McDonald, but I feel utterly detached from my ancestral history, so I copyleft my code under a pseudonym: Peace Seeker. I also call myself Aiso Ippudu Milele, and will likely publish many essays using that name; I like the idea of a nickname that feels less monocultural, so I created one for myself. Aiso is a combination of “love” (in Chinese or Japanese) and “only” (in Portuguese), so it means “Only Love”. Ippudu means “now” (in Telugu), and Milele means “forever” (in Swahili). In other words, I’m only love, now, forever! ;)

Unless this project starts to generate some income in the future, I will need to continue working in order to earn a living. If you know anyone who needs help learning to learn, feel free to contact me! I’ve worked as an educational guide for many years, and I’m comfortable helping with anything taught in America from preschool through high school. I've helped people learn more about reading, writing, logic, math, science, physics, biology, geology, psychology, psychiatry, etymology, economics, psychonautics, history, philosophy, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, singing, politics, joking, and life in general. Finally, I’m willing to work as a freelance writer or editor. Fair warning: I won’t help promote anything that doesn’t vibe with my soul; I can only work with people who intend to spread peace and harmony.

I wrote this website from scratch (except for a few open-source JQuery libraries, which anyone can import), and earnestly began this project on my birthday in 2017. In the future, I hope to increasingly involve my friends and family, and maybe even a few cool strangers! I know some awesome people who will appreciate this website as a place to blog or sell art, so check back occasionally and you might find something new!

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