Stories of Unknown Lives

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Oi, friend!

I'm Aiso, and I’m super glad you’re here!

My Goal

I want to record lengthy and enlightening interviews with people who aren’t famous. Essentially, I’m trying to help people develop a better understanding of the “ordinary” “stranger”. In my experience, when strangers connect in a friendly way, Gaia becomes happier - so I hope to encourage some connection!

My Path

If you like my idea and want to support me, I definitely need friendly spirits to share this website with other people!

Do you have any great questions for the world? Get in touch via the contact page, and send them my way! Can you help keep a roof over my head, so that I can spend more time interviewing Earth? That definitely helps, too!

I also welcome any educational resources that might improve the project! ;D

(Constructive criticism is totally cool. No need to hold back - as far as I’m concerned, new information can only help me!)

Thanks in advance to all who can help!

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